Cell Phone and Technology

At John Muir we recognize that cell phones have become a common tool for communication.  However, they can also become a major distraction to the learning environment and are vulnerable to theft.  We ask that you allow your child to carry a cell phone only if absolutely necessary.  Students are allowed to carry cell phones to school; however, phones must be turned off and stored out of sight during school hours.  Phones may not be used to talk, take pictures, play games, record or text during school hours, including recesses. Sometimes within the classrooms teachers will use them as a teaching tools.  We want our scholars to learn to use cell phones in a responsible manner. If you need to communicate with your child, call the office and leave a message.  If a child needs to call home they must ask permission from the teacher or staff. 

We also want to share these resources to help educate students on electronic device safety such as cyberbullying and internet safety:


  • First Warning-Students will be asked to put them away 

  • Second Warning-Students will have their cell phone taken and locked up in the office or classroom until a family member can come to school to retrieve it.

  • Third Warning-Students will no longer be allowed to bring a cell phone to school until a parent conference with the principal is held.

 John Muir or SFUSD is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen phones, CD players, iPods or electronic gaming devices, CD players, iPods or electronic gaming devices.