Special Programs / Programas especiales

Art / Arte

The mission of John Muir Elementary School is to create an environment where learners are empowered to excel academically, build character, and affirm cultural and linguistic diversity while fostering a connection with our local and global community. We want our students to be excited to come to school and engaged daily in rich, rigorous, relevant
learning experiences.
To us, it's important that students have a safe
learning environment where they can take risks
in order to learn.
The art program at John Muir is supported by the belief that art is a fundamental part of a well-rounded education. From visual arts to dance, drumming to drama and publishing to ceramics, students at John Muir are offered the arts daily.
The visual art program aims to grow students’ confidence through the use of art media and processes, encourage
expression, collaboration, problem solving and promote cultural understanding.
We have showcased our students’ work at the Zen Center, Café International and Haight Street Art Center to celebrate their achievements, spread joy to the community and firmly
root their place in their city.


Math / Matematicas

At John Muir we love Math! Our teachers use a teaching method called, Teaching Math Through Problem Solving in which we develop students mathematical skill along side mathematical habits of mind.  Over the past two years, we have focused our professional development around how to develop and improve the way we teach and deliver our math instruction through Lesson Study focus groups.  We are committed to providing a space for our scholars to develop mathematical concepts along side habits of mind that will foster their curiosity, agency and identity around mathematics.