Our Professional Commitment / Nuestro Compromiso Profesional

John Muir educators sharing their yearly projects 

John Muir educators sharing their yearly projects 

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Culturally Responsive Teaching 

As a staff we are also dedicated to examining the racial disparities in academia  that many of our children of color are experiencing in the public school system.  This means we are deeply reflective in our daily practice and belief systems and we set high expectations for all our scholars.  We are currently using Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain  by local educator and activist, Zaretta Hammond  to guide our lens in which we view our scholars an families. With this book as a guide, we discuss what roles culture, gender, race and trauma may play in shaping our scholar’s school experiences.  We are reflective on our teaching and dedicated to closing the opportunity gap for our scholars.  

 John Muir educators are dedicated to growing and deepening their teaching practices and being reflective in the impact 

Over the last several years we have used a process called Lesson Study to grow in our teaching craft. Lesson Study is a Japanese inspired model where teachers collaboratively plan a lesson, observe each other teach it and reflect and revise on what went well and what could have improved.  The focus during the observation is on how engaged our scholars are during the lesson and what they understood and what areas they need additional support. 

Our teachers are so dedicated to improving their teaching practice that eleven of our educators traveled to Japan this summer to collaborate with Japanese teachers.  This visit provided fresh perspectives on ways to engage our scholars and consider the work we need to still need to ensure our children are joyful independent learners.